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Emily Cousens for NUS Delegate 2012

I’m defending education.

After holding the Wadham College Access Officer and OUSU exec committee Access and Admissions  officer I  will continue to  fight for the interests of current and prospective students.


I support:

  • Public Education for all: I will oppose moves to further privatise our higher education. We must not end up with a US model of extortionate fees and a lifetime of debt. At the same time efforts towards cutting the funding and quality of degrees must be resisted.
  • Women’s liberation and gender equality: This includes supporting efforts to tackle the gender gap in finals; no compromise on abortion rights including opposing pro-life groups such as Abort67; and tackling sexism across the university.
  • University campaigns including Palestine solidarity, Divestment from the arms trade, Oxford Migrant Support and the Campaign to close Campsfield detention centre.


I am in my final year studying PPE. I am OUSU exec committee Access and Admissions officer. Any questions, please feel free to drop me an email at emily.cousens@wadh.ox.ac. uk



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